Quit Smoking Permanently with Hypnosis and take back your life!!

I have a proven Stop Smoking program I have used successfully for over 14 years.
You will experience first, a free consultation and if you feel this is for you, you can expect 2 sessions of hypnotherapy to become a permanent confident non-smoker.
Your first session is experiencing hypnosis with direct suggestions based on discussed triggers and benefits with stress release techniques, as well as a CD for re-enforcing those new habits as a non-smoker.

The second session is hypnotherapy, getting to the cause of the emotional dependency for your old habit, helping you become a confident, permanent non-smoker. If this part is not addressed it is the reason so many ex smokers turn to food or another habit to satisfy what the cigarette use to take care of.

If you are a pack a day smoker, in 24 days, at $8.00 a pack, you will have spent the same amount of money it would cost you for this program. What do you have to lose but your old habit and you will gain back your power. Save your health, save your money and begin taking your life back, confidently. Come in for your free consultation and decide for yourself how hypnosis can help you become an ex-smoker for life. Oh, by the way, I am an ex-smoker!